Dip Me

Bright, bold, zesty, and fresh – finish off last-minute appetizers and the best party food with our elevated, classic dips.

We hand-crafted these versatile blends to be used in cooked or raw preparations. Two applications, one tin – create festive tapas and finger foods spreads from start to finish with our fresh favorites.

Cool, refreshing yogurt dips with herb- and garlic-crusted shrimp, classic chimichurri on a perfectly seared steak, and spicy aioli on your favorite char-grilled burgers – find your favorite dishes’ sidekicks at your fingertips.

Lamb Rub
This unique dry rub is a customer favourite for lamb, potatoes and beef. Try mixing it with yogurt and honey and you'll get a fantastic cold sauce.
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Zhug Spice
This is a fiery Yemenite spice blend. Yemen’s hot zhug spice is perfect for sprinkling over food; it complements almost any dish from salads to fish, meat or soups.
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Aglio Olio Peperoncino
Bright red pepper with flecks of green parsley, balanced with just the right amount of crushed garlic and salt, make this Mediterranean blend a kitchen essential.
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Chipotle Honey Rub
Just add a little of this rub to ribs, chicken, tenderloin, or anything else and you’ll be pleased with your next barbecue experience.
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Chimichurri is a South and Central American sauce used for grilled meat. It is originally from Argentina but is also used in Uruguay and in countries as far north as Nicaragua, Colombia and Mexico.
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Steak Seasoning
This specialised blend of spices adds a bold taste to steaks and burgers. Simply sprinkle on steak, burgers, or pork before grilling or broiling. Or use it as a dipping sauce by adding olive oil.
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Peruvian Jalapeno Lime Seasoning
This blend adds a delicious sourness to chicken, fish and vegetables. Mix it with yogurt or mayonnaise to make tangy dipping sauces for hot wings and fried seafood. To reduce the sodium in any dish, substitute this seasoning for salt.
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Pizza Seasoning
The pizza seasoning is an easy way for creating a delicious pizza at home, as well as for making zesty pasta sauces.
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