Seasonings and Rubs

We are all-natural. No additives, unnecessary sugar, yeast,  or chemicals in our rubs or seasonings.

With ingredients you can pronounce, we have one of the market’s most high-end selections and supply of spices and blends. We’ve spent hours sourcing, tasting, testing, pairing, and blending to produce only the best, unique spices and blends.

We source the globe for the best herbs and spices, keeping up with the latest food trends and unique food experiences so you don’t have to. We select and blend the highest quality spices in small batches.


Most spices we source DOP meaning from their origin, where spices and herbs develop most fragrance and taste in their specific geographical zone and according to tradition. Like good wine and its grapes, also spices develop different tastes in different regions.

We work directly with certified Indian, Mexican, and local European smallholder farmers to source heirlooms, single-origin turmeric, chiles, cardamom, pepper, chipotle chilis, and herbs. We handpick the best suppliers, and with our long chef’s and nutritional experience, we know how to select only the best quality raw material for our blends.


We constantly travel and taste to create your kitchen’s next great flavor combination.

We pack our spices in tins with food-proof lining inside. Your spices will stay fresh longer if you keep them in a room-tempered cabinet or drawer. Air, heat, and light are the enemies of fresh spices.

Epic Spice grinding and delivering fresh philosophy, is loved by professional and home chefs. From grinding and blending, our spice blends have 24 months of shelf life.