Peruvian Jalapeño Lime Tangy dipping Sauce

Our blend adds a deliciously sour heat to chicken, fish, and vegetables. Try it in salad dressings, marinades, and just about anything that could use a kick of heat and citrus. We like dipping fish tacos, grilled fish, and your favorite finger food spread in this dip with a kick.

Lamb Rub Dip

Creamy, cool, zesty, and fresh. The perfect sauce that will be a staple in your kitchen. Try as a topping on burgers, dip for chips, or even a cold suace for chicken skewers.


This classic Argentinian condiment complements freshly grilled beef. Garlicky and herby with a kick of spice, watch as these flavors soak into the meat, creating the perfect bite for your summer dinners.