Pop it – The taste of Finger food

Make your own snack shack!


Popcorn, nuts and snacks are easy to give an extra zing to at home! Stirs and dips are easy to make as well and could be used with almost everything. Dipping sauces, snacks and finger food create a festive feeling and are the perfect party food! A good dip is essential for a great barbecue party, an appetizer, a baked potato or even as a little snack.

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Content: Chipotle Honey Rub 75g, Pizza seasoning 75g, Peruvian Jalapeño Lime Seasoning 75g, Saigon Cinnamon Blend 75g


Use: Our Pop It collection contains our bestsellers for popcorn, snacks, or good dipping sauces.


Popcorn – you pop as usual in butter or oil. Then sprinkle over one of our spice mixes for a different and unique seasoning. Also, try drizzling some honey over the popcorn after seasoning them. Sweet and salty and hot are a seductive combination.


Nuts – roast your natural favorit nuts in the oven on a baking sheet; drip over oil and spice mixture, 175g, about 15 minutes. Take out and cool down and serve as a snack with something good to drink.


Chipotle Honey – gives hot, smoky, and sweet tones of chipotle chili, orange, and honey. Also good in dip sauce mixed with mayonnaise.


Pizza Seasoning – gives a wonderful taste of garlic, herbs, and sun-dried tomato.


Peruvian Jalapeño Lime Seasoning provides acidity and heat. Also very good to mix in yogurt/mayonnaise 50/50 as a fresh dipping sauce.


Saigon Cinnamon Blend with aromatic flavors of cinnamon. Add some honey for snacks and popcorn.



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