Smoked Spanish Chorizo Rub

Zest up your favorite meat dishes with notes of smoked Spanish bell pepper.     The tastes of the Mediterranean with earthy sun-dried tomatoes and rosemary for your favorite roasted dishes. A perfectly versatile rub that brings earthy, garlicky, and zesty flavor to all types of meat, poultry or vegetables. Or bloom in a hot pan for bold, robust flavors in stews and sauces.     Available in 75g, 150g, and 500g

We work directly with certified Indian, Mexican, and European farmers to source our spices and herbs to ensure the freshest and highest quality. 

Most spices we source “DOP” meaning from their origin, where spices and herbs develop most fragrance and taste in their specific geographical zone and according to tradition. Like good wine and its grapes, also spices develop different tastes in different regions.

We are all-natural. No additives, unnecessary sugar, yeast,  or chemicals in our rubs or seasonings.

With ingredients you can pronounce, we have one of the market’s most high-end selections and supply of spices and blends. We’ve spent hours sourcing, tasting, testing, pairing, and blending to produce only the best, unique spices and blends.

Smoked Spanish Chorizo Rub Meatballs

Anaheim chili, smoked sweet paprika, garlic, roasted red bell pepper, hickory sea salt, onion, cumin, black pepper, oregano, cayenne chili


Meat rub to make home-made Spanish chorizo (sausage). Rub into the beef or chicken, or spice up a marinade to be used prior to roasting or grilling.