Vinegar BBQ Rub 75g

Carolina style barbecue rub


Vinegar is the secret ingredient of Carolina Barbeque, particularly apple cider vinegar. Straight cider vinegar is used as a marinade as a base before cooking. Vinegar is also a primary ingredient in a finishing sauce that can be served at a barbeque table. Our special Vinegar BBQ rub balances the sweet flavor of slow-cooked meat by the vinegar penetrating its way into the meat and intensifying its flavor.

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Ingredients: Paprika, fleur de sel, cayenne chili, brown sugar, ancho chili, garlic, cumin, hickory salt, vinegar


Use: This sweet and savory rub is perfect for ribs, pulled pork, chicken, brisket and other barbecue favorites! Rub a generous amount into the meat up to 24 hours before grilling or smoking; cover and refrigerate. Apply a second coat just before grilling or smoking. Recipes on epicspice.com.


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