Chipotle Honey Rub 75g

Smokey, zesty, sweet dry rub, main notes of chipotle chili, orange and honey.


Chipotle Honey Rub goes into the “sweet heat” territory. A complex flavour, outstanding and unique. The blend has the ideal balance of sweet and heat and acidity. We love the sweet taste provided by the honey combined with the smoky flavor of the chipotle chili and the acidity note from orange zest.

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Ingredients: Crushed chipotle chili, garlic, honey, orange peel, hickory salt, fleur de sel, cumin, coriander, black pepper, brown sugar, oregano


Use: Use as a dry rub and apply to any meat or poultry evenly on all sides before grilling for a perfect smokey sweet crust. Or make a dip sauce. Mix Chipotle Honey with a good mayonnaise and serve to oven roasted potatoes or spread on a homemade burger hot off the grill.


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