Aglio Olio Peperocino 40g

Italian kitchen essential – Our signature blend


Bright red pepper with flecks of green parsley, balanced with just the right amount of crushed garlic and salt, make this Mediterranean blend a kitchen essential. Use it in salad dressings, pasta/pizza sauces, dipping oils, marinades and dry rubs — anywhere you want to add authentic Italian flavor — or just keep it handy for seasoning food at the table.

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Ingredients: Garlic minced, parsley, fleur de sel, chili flakes.


Use: as a seasoning in tomato and bolognese sauces, spaghetti and seafood dishes. Or make a cold dip sauce for seafood, fish, grilled chicken, shrimps, or bread.
Dip sauce:
1 dl fat yogurt
1 dl mayonnaise
2 tbsp Aglio Olio blend
Stir in a bowl and leave to rest 15 min. Recipes on epicspice.com.


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